Let’s take the ‘DIE’ out of Diabetes.

Dedicated to Community Outreach and Awareness About Diabetes and Its Warning Signs and Complications


On January 19, 2003 Jordan Bennett Weiss, a fourth grader at Mason-Rice Elementary School in Newton Centre, MA, passed away suddenly from undiagnosed type 1 (juvenile) diabetes.

Memories of the night before are tender and vivid. Though it appeared that Jordan had the flu, he felt well enough to watch the Celtics play in overtime with his dad and brother.

To honor Jordan’s memory, his family, friends, and community have committed themselves to increasing public awareness of the prevalence and warning signs of type 1 and type 2 diabetes: Jordan’s undiagnosed diabetes is not an isolated incident.

Jordan Bennett Weiss

August 29, 1993 ─ January 19, 2003

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